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Since 2000, JTK Research has been designing customized software and web-based solutions to regional and national companies.  We have successfully implement a multitude of web-based projects for companies, including web-based national employee/associate satisfaction surveys, remote access to central corporate database, a nation-wide transaction tracking system, and web-based education/training modules.

As well, we have enjoyed great success in implementing client management software for the health care and alcohol and drug treatment industry. Instead of selling generically designed software, we seek to understand the unique needs and software requirements of our customers, and then custom-design software that are both highly productive and easy to use. Click here for a brief demostration of a custom software we haved designed for a alcohol and drug treatment program, or contact us by e-mail or by telephone (780-944-1768) for more extensive online demonstration of our custom-designed software.

For more information on how we can assist your company in developing web-based solution that works, please contact us at: (780) 944-1768.

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