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Over the past 10 years, JTK Research establishes itself across Canada as a company that helps clients "make sense" of complex data. Using sophisticated data analytic techniques, we help our clients focus on meaningful information that impacts their bottom-line, and we discover important relationships within data that are often overlooked by other researchers. In fact, our ability to turn research information into business intelligence is a major reason why national companies and organizations turn to us time and time again for their data analytic needs.

Examples of some of the more 'popular' analytic services provided by JTK Research to its clients include predictive modeling (with and without seasonal adjustment), consumer profiling (using techniques such as discriminant function analysis and cluster analysis), developing consumer decision models (using techniques such as multidimensional scaling), and product preference analysis (using techniques such as conjoint analysis)

Please click here to see how a simple predictive modeling technique, called Markov Chain, can help you predict consumer behavior - even when individual purchase history is not known!

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